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Rental Car Safety Tip in Beirut, Lebanon

If you are planning to rent a car in Lebanon, you should make sure to rent a car with a green plate number from a registered car rental company. In Lebanon, rental cars are identified by their green plate numbers, which are different from the white plate numbers of private cars. This is an important

Hot Summer Trips are not an Issue

Lebanon may be one of the world’s smallest countries, but it’s anything but boring. This small nation is jampacked with exciting things to do, beautiful sights to see, and rich culture to explore. With all it has to offer, Lebanon is the ultimate summer destination. Enjoy the sun, sand and parties in a country with over 200 kms of coastline

Avoiding Rental Car Break-ins and Thefts in Lebanon, Beirut

In some areas, rental car break-ins have become such a big problem that signs are posted to warn people not to leave anything in their cars. Beyond that rule, let’s review some tips for avoiding rental car break-ins: If you see areas of the parking lot marked by broken glass, park somewhere else. That glass